Wet Woman in the Wind
Kaze ni Nureta Onna
Shiota smartly expresses a vibrant game that a perplexed man and a freewheeling woman play in love by making use of his tactical screenplay taught by his master and a writer/director Atsushi Yamatoya, while showing his respect for director Tatsumi Kumashiro. This film returns us to Shiota’s roots and will break new ground as well.
One afternoon, a young woman gets across by bicycle in front of a man pulling a two-wheeled cart. The man named Kosuke avoids a bustle of the city and is living in a mountain lodge. He used to play an active role as a playwright, but lives a quiet life to escape from the past. A bicycle-girl is called Shiori. She has worked at a café as if nothing had happened, though she is manipulative with the café owner to her young and attractive body and even wears his estranged wife’s clothes.
Shiori, with a lot of vital energy and sexual desire, physically involves with people around Kosuke one after another. Consequently, Kosuke is also forced to be caught up in a spiral of desire…

2016 marks the 45th anniversary of the birth of Roman Porno. As the first phase of this project, production commenced in early summer of 2015 on a lineup of completely original new films by leading directors who have not helmed features under the label before, for release in mainstream cinemas during 2016.
Roman Porno's distinctive concept of making films within a set of rules will be continued according to the production terms from 1971, while some will be updated to bring them in line with today's requirements. Under the same conditions, what nature of sex and love will the directors choose to depict, and what kind of actors and actresses will emerge?
Nikkatsu has rebooted the Roman Porno label and recommenced production of new works, reviving its function as a sandbox for playful experimentation with the aim of attaining new forms of cinematic expression.