Third Time Lucky
First theatrical feature by director Nohara Tadashi after a co-writing career including Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Wife of a Spy (2020) and Ryusuke Hamaguchi's Happy Hour (2015). Rira Kawamura, one of the lead actresses as Jun in Happy Hour, appears, along with other cast members, as a mentally troubled woman who wants to raise a child. Despite similarities in cast and Kobe location, the two films have different textures.
Haru's partner Soichiro, a psychiatrist, leaves her.
Haru happens to help a young man with memory disorder. Haru's brother, Takeshi, is a rapper. His wife, Mikako, supports him while raising their child. Mikako sees Soichiro for her psychosis. During Takeshi's live performance, He and Soichiro got into a brawl. The young man leaves Haru and Mikako breaks up with Takeshi.